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Modern Monster fans! Sorry for the inconvenience, but our site is currently under construction. Be sure to follow the MM crew on Twitter @modernmonster and check out this sneak peak of the film! It's an eyewitness account of someone's encounter with a Sasquatch!

Modern Monster follows John Mascella and his crew as they search for proof of a North American primate, otherwise known as Sasquatch. However, this isn’t your typical Bigfoot documentary. MM Focuses on the creatures’ recent sightings in popular culture as well as in the deep woods. Bigfoot is a staple in pop culture and has made countless appearances in television shows, commercials, and movies. Bigfoot is the face for many products and has helped companies to drastically increase their sales. Follow John and his crew as they search for Sasquatch all over the US, meet with eyewitnesses, nonbelievers, and business executives. Navigate this site to learn more about the crew, view clips, or tell us about your own sighting. Enjoy and remember to support your local Bigfoot Hunter!